Goodbye & hello

To the faithful people who have stuck around seeing if either Mel or Soph was still alive…we are! However our schedules haven’t permitted us to give this blog the attention it needs. 

I’ve started my own health/weight loss/whatever I’m thinking blog that I’ll update more regularly since I’ve really been missing writing. If you are so inclined, you can follow me at I also regularly post on my photoblog (that’s my main tumblr account, so if you see photomelissa following you, it’s me!) but you won’t find anything health related there. 

So long! 

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Cleanse finished!

Update coming tomorrow, or maybe later tonight. I want to write a lot bu don’t have time. I will say that I felt better than I have in…well, I can’t remember since when. I wish I could afford to do this more often.

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Day 2, juice #4

After the green essentials vomit-inducing concoction, I was really looking forward to some peaceful, pleasant young coconut water, but what? Spicy lemonade? Cleanse-people, the green essential monster has spice in it that I can still feel burning in my chest! I need something to calm that, not something with cayenne pepper listed as an ingredient!

Please, please don’t be gross.

Tastes good but holy shit that burns going down. At first it tingles like soda but then it burns like you’ve got a sore, raw throat & you’ve just had orange juice. Or acid. Why? Coconut water, I miss you.

On second tasting, the flavor is not as bad, tastes like unsweetened lemonade but OUCH. To quote Adele, it buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrns. It’s even burning my gums. Didn’t know gums could burn. This is gonna be hard :(

Day 2, juice #2

Good morning!

Last night I was feeling a little run down & tired, so when my shoot got cancelled I was pretty happy about it. I as too lazy to write about the final juice of the day so I’ll post it later today (same one).

I don’t know if this is the cleanse or the fact that I’m 100% committed to finishing it the right way, but I’m not having any major cravings yet. Usually when there’s food around that I really like, I just can’t resist having some all of it. Yesterday, my coworker gave me a tin of salt & vinegar almonds a.k.a. my new favorite food & they’re still sitting in my desk. Normally I’d have eaten them for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Maybe that very bad habit of mine is finally getting sorted out. I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m definitely looking forward to having some on Sunday, but  it’s more of a passing thought…I’m not looking at it as a major event, like “Can’t wait tiil I can eat again on Sunday!” It’s more like, “Oh cool, I think I’ll have a few almonds on Sunday, no big deal.”

That being said, I still averted my eyes during any food commercials during the four Big Bang Theory repeats I watched last night.

You may find this a bit ridiculous but coming from a girl who would look at the serving size of a food item & immediately disregard it as a stupid & uninformed suggestion, it’s a major development.

Anyway, I’m not going to re-review each juice today, only the new ones. #1 was the sweet greens one from yesterday, still delish, & now we havea new one for #2:

Smells like summer, tastes like liquified watermelon…YUM. It is so refreshing, I feel like I should be drinking it at a BBQ wearing a summer dress & an unnecessarily wide-brimmed hat. I don’t really taste any lime, which for me is good as I’m not a big lime fan.

To sum up: feeling mighty good today!

Day 1, juice #5…

Essential Red. If this is anything like the Essential Green monster I may pull my hair out…and it smells like dirt. As in soil.

It’s…interesting. Sweet, thank goodness, but still has that lawn quality. Much better than I thought it would be. And a pretty color. There’s a strange aftertaste, though, which is annoying but the overall sweetness is good at combating that.

Not bad at all.

::5 minutes after I started this post::

Actually, never mind, that aftertaste is sort of killing it for me now. Not sure how I’ll be able to down this before my shoot. Curses!